Audit and Assurance

Our approach:
The key elements of our audit approach can be summarized as follows:

Understanding the organization – it is fundamental that we understand the environment in which a company operates and the factors (internal and external) affecting it.
Carrying out analytical procedures- Our audit experience enables us to carry out a range of analysis and present information in a valuable manner.
Financial Statements- We audit the annual financial statements in compliance with the International Standards of Auditing and International Financial Reporting Standards.

There have been immense developments in the field of Assurance Audits which have further been accentuated by the introduction of international legislations like the Sarbanes Oxley Act. The scope of audit has never been wider; various statutes now require Auditors to play a greater and more active role.
We at Oxford Auditing understand the needs of our client’s business and focus on core-risk areas. Our identity lies in our in-depth knowledge of statutory requirements and high standards of ethics and independence. Our audit teams have considerable experience and specialized knowledge of the different market sectors, along with the requisite awareness of the latest developments, which may affect the organization.


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