Fraud Examination & Forensic accounting

Fraud examination & forensic accounting is required by those who :

1)Suspect or doubt that the assets of their company are being misappropriated eg: Cash.

2)Doubt that their financial statements are fraudulent.

3)Are looking to seek legal remedy for fraud related practices.

Our services relating to fraud examination & forensic accounting include :-

  1. a) Identifying & detecting frauds
  2. b) Preparing & developing summaries on the basis of sufficient evidence gathered.
  3. c) Finally preparing a theft or misappropriation report summing up all our findings.

Fraud examination & forensic accounting involves the requirement of professional expertise & at Oxford Auditing we’ve got sufficiently qualified Certified Fraud Examiners & a team of Chartered Accountants working in conjunction to help clients with their needs.

Fraud examination is the process of identifying & examining how the fraud has occurred . Further fraud examination is also used to avert any further frauds fortify weak internal controls .

Forensic accounting involves accounting financial records for the purpose of assisting legal proceedings in order to discover some fraudulent intent behind the accounts prepared i.e Concealing theft of money by creating false entries or drawing up fake accounts.

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