VAT return filing UAE

VAT Return filing

VAT return filing UAE

A brief on
VAT return filing

All taxable firms in U.A.E are required to file a VAT return. The business will receive a Tax Registration Number after submitting an application for VAT registration (TRN). The typical tax period is three months (quarterly). Businesses will be obliged to submit VAT returns at least once every three months. Businesses might, however, sometimes need to submit VAT returns on a monthly basis. A businesses VAT certificate will include the deadline for filing the VAT return. All VAT-registered firms are required to file their VAT returns within the allotted time period from the Federal Tax Authority (FTA).

Contents of a
VAT return

The "VAT 201" VAT Return form is what the taxpayer must complete and submit in order to file their VAT Return. The Form VAT 201 is generally divided into the following 7 sections:

  • VAT return period
  • VAT on sales and all other outputs
  • VAT on expenses and all other inputs
  • VAT payable or refundable i.e. Output tax less input tax
  • Taxable person details
  • Additional reporting requirements
  • Declaration & authorized signatory
Details required to
file a VAT Return

The following financial information from the client is necessary for us to complete appropriate VAT returns:

  • Details of sales & the associated ledgers for us to determine the Output tax payable.
  • Details of purchases/expenses & the associated ledgers for us to determine the Input tax recoverable.
  • Details of any import purchases.
  • Details of any zero rated supplies.
  • Details of any exempt supplies.


Note: All the above details are basic requirements to file a VAT tax return further information may be required from the client in order for us to file precise VAT returns.

How can we at Oxford Auditing help you
with filing VAT returns?

VAT return filing UAE
  • Our VAT specialist will pay a visit to your business once every three months to collect and assemble the financial data needed to submit the VAT Return.
  • The filing of VAT returns within the allotted window of time for each tax period will be monitored by us.
  • At the conclusion of each VAT return period, we will prepare the VAT return on your behalf in accordance with the FTA's laws and regulations.
  • We will make sure that all of your company's financial activities are VAT compliant and must abide by the VAT legislation as per FTA.